Take a ride on the wild side

With Everglades Ambassador Dustin Crum.

Dusty Crum has launched EVERGLADES SWAMP BUGGY.com

Experience the Everglades

You have seen him on TV, but you have not seen the personal side of Dustin Crum.  Experience his thoughts and views about the Everglades, as you are taken on an excursion of the everglades backcountry which he calls home.

Learn about the Everglades, witness its beauty first hand, and perhaps you may see some of its occupants. For alas, the Everglades is home to many creatures, plants and myths.  It is a a special place, with a healing touch. Spending time within this wild land takes you away from the madness of society and places you into the bosom of nature where you can unwind and relax.

We offer group excursions of six people, photography tours, and personal one on one Everglades adventures. This is a buggy ride that you will not forget, bring your kids and family to experience this one of a kind experience.


    • Escape into nature
    • Explore the vast wilderness
    • Learn about the Everglades
    • Experience a short hike
    • Create unforgettable memories
    • Take beautiful photos
    • Relax and Unwind
    • Free non-alcoholic beverages
    • Get Wildman swag
    • Meet the Wildman in person.


Notice: We do not offer Python hunts of any kind.

This is a scenic, educational, backcountry swamp buggy adventure